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How can we help you?

Choose the service that best suits the needs of your business.

Software Analysis and selection

Analysis and selection

We the selection of the right software according to the needs, processes and growth of your business. We analyze the different processes and departments of your company to identify areas of improvement and processes that require reengineering to adapt to the best business practices.

We recommend the integral software that naturally best fits your operation and business model. This will help ensure the success of the implementation in your company.

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ERP and CRM Consulting and Implementation

Consulting and Implementation of Integral Software

We implement the software that best suits your business model. We have a multidisciplinary team that will plan and direct the efforts before, during and after the implementation.

We perform an analysis of your company's current business model processes to identify areas for improvement, propose best practices and functionalities to be implemented. Finally we adapt, configure and implement the system to the previously identified needs.

Process Reengineering

Process Reengineering

We analyze in depth the different processes and departments of your company to identify operational improvements to simplify and standardize operations in an integral way in order to increase profitability and operational efficiency.

We document the functions and responsibilities of each position, to propose good business practices and align them with Odoo software you currently use or wish to acquire.

Odoo Software Development

Application integration and development

We develop modules, functionalities and integrations tailored to each project and industry.

We solve specific needs of complex processes and operations through the development of complementary applications to Odoo.

You need a reliable Odoo partner that thoroughly understands your business model and helps you improve your processes.

We know how difficult it is to run and manage your business and at the same time improve processes and implement the right management software.

SYCA worldwide reach

With more than 10 years of experience implementing Odoo and ERP software in Canada, Latin America and Mexico, SYCA can guide you in the digital transformation process that your company needs.

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We improve processes and successfully implement Odoo so you can focus on what's important to your business.

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Regardless of the location and distance of your project, we can help you. We have a network of associates in Canada ready to professionalize your business by implementing odoo ERP.

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How do we ensure the success of your project?

A multidisciplinary team of Odoo consultants will attend your project closely using agile project management methodologies aligned to quality standards. ISO 9001

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All our administrative and operational processes arealigned to the ISO9001 quality standard, which ensures the quality ofour services.

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Project management

We manage our projectsbased on the PMI (ProjectManager Institute) standards, which guarantees thecorrect management ofsoftware implementation projects.

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SCRUM Method

During the project every week we deliver functionalities following agile methodologies principles such as SCRUM through Sprints in order to validate and adjust the improvement areas detected by the end user.